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  Aircraft interiors design and manufacturing, design and installation of various air, water, ground and subway transportation interiors, and, in particular, VIP interiors design are the main areas of business of InterAMI Inc. InterAMI provides the following range of services:

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1. Interior design and development:
— developing design concepts of transporation interiors, coloristic solutions and passenger cabin layouts;
— creating 3D models of transportation interiors;
— developing and manufacturing specific elements of passenger and VIP transportation interiors;
— developing and manufacturing VIP interiors of aircraft and other types of transportation;

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2. Interior manufacturing, assemblying and servicing:
— manufacturing and assembly of transportation interiors;
— supplying interiors parts and components, certified aviation materials and parts including those for VIP interiors (textiles, carpets, cellular panels, paints, aviation seats, leather aircraft interiors, furniture, kitchen blocks and equipment, aircraft lavatories, etc.) manufactured by world leading aircraft interiors companies and by InterAMI Interior;
— manufacturing and assembly of equipment for cooking and serving food on board of aircraft;
— interiors certification;


3. Aircraft interiors repairs and refurbishment

4. Airplanes for sale:
— various aircraft for sale;
— sale of aircraft parts and (aircraft equipment, radioelectronic equipment, aircraft units and components, aircraft tires, etc.);
— certification of transporation;
— providing hangar facilities;
— modernization of Ukrainian-made aircraft units, components and equipment;

5. Airplanes for rent and leasing

6. Technical support and maintenance of aircraft:
— complete overhaul or extensive repairs of air carriers;
— maintenance and servicing of aircraft;
— analysis and technologic forecasting of aircraft resource;
— airworthiness calibration and support;

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7. Consulting services:
— basic and advanced training of pilots;
— excursion flights, demonstration flights and training flights on various types of aircraft;
— informational support on a variety of aircraft;


8. Charter operations:
— VIP charters, group transfers and cargo operations;
— special operations (cash collection, ritual operations, complicated routes not limited with timetables, etc.)
— additional services to VIP passengers (VIP lounges, catering, personal transportation to aircraft ladder, privacy and security of VIP passengers, urgent flights and complicated routes and other).

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